Latest Wedding Dress For Groom

Latest Wedding Dress For Groom – In the latest collections of bridal fashion, proposals for the male figure has been increasing its presence with dedicated exclusively to man lines. This growth is in line with the rapid growth they have experienced the runways of major fashion capitals in recent years, which have multiplied the presence of men in their countries to lead to the creation of fashion weeks that remain focus exclusively on the male wardrobe.
Fashion party and ceremony unlike the latter, however, in the rigidity of forms: a canon that only a few dare to alter firms -in Spain have an excellent example in Fuentecapala, which not only represents the plus side bridal dress risky, but generally the garments made for the man in the country-, with new and better oriented more playful side of the party, bright textures, colors and accessories that are out of line and his coat tails .

wedding dress for groom

An example: the tuxedo and the sailor suit jacket, appearing in 2019/2020 collections boyfriend, and that a few years ago would have been a complete snub to label high ceremony. They also highlight the brocades, which are no longer relegated to the sash, the Corbatón or worse, the lining of the jacket, and come to light in a game of contrasts that ranges from American to footwear. The shoe also recovered versions of the most elegant men’s shoe closed, along with patent leather slippers and silk boots.

Colors: plum, celestial or creams come to us from the Italian firm Archetipo, and portray the riskiest boyfriends of the season; grays, traditional, both as a total look in his pants combined with dark coat, and make up the core of male proposed Victorio & Lucchino. Others, like Miquel Suay, opt for the metallic bronze, gold, green or burgundy bottle.
The details: the couple Fuentecapala flamenco inspiration, strictly black with tight trousers under a bermuda chiffon and lace liner.

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wedding groom dress

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