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It’s not easy to choose a gift. But in the case of wedding anniversaries is not so bad. Each of them in the name of souvenirs 1,2,5 or more years lived with spouses who do provide an indication of that fact. For example, the first anniversary (the first year of marriage the wife) called calico wedding. How? Yet the relationship of the spouses is not rigid, since all the weak, thin and Prkashkkramsः as cotton, and the date of the gift must be made calico. Bedding, soft toys, amulets, kitchen ware – all suitable.

The two-year anniversary is called the paper. Course and submit it to be made of paper. Without doubt pictures, photo albums, (including cooking) books will delight young family.

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Third Anniversary Leather is called. Relations between the spouses tested is already strong, but good skin is still flexible. Leather and suitable for wedding gifts: wallets, leather belts, leather gifts, gloves and purses, handbags for his wife.
Sunny called fourth anniversary. Linen almost eternal, is strong. The young family had settled their differences, and smooth the surface of the linen towel as he was used to all of them gifts on this day no owners, and gave his home. Linen towels, tablecloth, to make housing more soft and comfortable, family life, designed to beautify the bed (such as bags for bread) stuff.
After five years of living together, the couple invited guests at the wedding of a timber. And guests, of course, a gift of the wooden products like Lelapani advantage of today is very great: souvenirs, various kitchen utility, figurines, games, jewelry boxes, furniture, and more. Just enough imagination.
Called the six-year anniversary of the cast iron. And it should be made of the heavy metal present. Prepodneset pair of six years, for a souvenir or a cast-iron cookware lived together if you can not go wrong.
The name of the seven-year anniversary of wool or copper. And, of course, current spouses should be made of these two materials. Copper pots and jewelery, wool blankets, toys, accessories, clothing made of wool will fall at an opportune time.

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Eight-year anniversary – wedding tin. Tin ware, accessories and more than appropriate articles of tin in the day as a gift. A hostess will surprise the guests by creating poppy muffin or cake. Poppy wedding – the date, the second name.
Ninth Anniversary – Faience. Gifts are not there any difficulties with the option. In any store you great dish set, custom-made products, tableware, vases, teapots and porcelain can find the best souvenirs.
Ten years of marriage – tin anniversary. His second name – pink weddings. What to give? Of course, roses. Rose, and the addition of tin products. For example, candles and souvenirs, pottery, jewelry and accessories, paintings, wine and vodka glasses, for collectable rarities.
Pink for (tin wedding) follow:
– Steel marriage – 11 years;
– Nickel wedding – 12.5 years;
– Landysheva (Bell) marriage – 13 years;
– Agate wedding – 14 years;
– Glass marriage – 15 years.
The decision to celebrate the 15 year anniversary after anniversary every year, and half a dozen times a year. Merrier and bright celebrations pass. Thus, the 20-year anniversary is called a porcelain wedding. Great gift for her chosen from porcelain.
Twenty-five years is called silver wedding anniversary. Indeed, for 25 years, the relationship turned into a kind of treasure – a rare and exquisite silverware as sparkling. Table ware, gifts and jewelry made of precious white metal gift for this anniversary would.
In 30 years, celebrating the marriage of Pearl, Coral, 35, 40 ruby, sapphire 45. Easy names anniversary spouses to present what is the appropriate gift on this day to end.
Fiftieth anniversary of married life – vivid and touching event. Spouses gold articles, and they exchanged wedding rings are in this day again – not extinct after half a century of love and devotion is a sign.

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